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CV Chamber Position on the Federal Government Pipeline Decisions
Date:  12/13/2016
ArticleType:  Press Release

CV Chamber Position on the Federal Government Pipeline Decisions:

Project decisions relating to fossil fuel infrastructure are very controversial in our community. We have already witnessed pledges in BC and the Comox Valley to fight the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion at all costs. We also can’t deny the fact that there are real economic benefits with this project that will bring wealth to the people of BC. However, the risk of this project, and a continued reliance on fossil fuels, must be recognized.

As all sides, parties, groups, and organizations weigh in on these matters, some facts have to be stated. We all rely on fossil fuels for our quality of life. As Canadians, we are responsible for an incredible amount of resource consumption. The most practical and valuable way to shift these trends is to work towards transforming our economy. This is the position the Comox Valley Chamber has taken, and will continue to take in these matters.

Our official strategy enshrines triple bottom line decision making in all of our planning. As an organization we are committed to weighing the costs on the environment, the economy, and our society in all actions we take. The Chamber will continue to take progressive policies forward to the BC Chamber and the Canadian Chamber to advocate to Government for true change in our economic model.

Last year, the Comox Valley Chamber championed improvements to how BC Hydro manages the input of power produced by solar power systems set up by both home owners and businesses. This year, the Comox Valley Chamber is considering a policy to increase public education funding, with a focus on robotics and automation, so our workforce remains competitive in a rapidly changing world. Some will say that this isn’t a position on the pipeline projects at all – and they are somewhat correct.

The Comox Valley Chamber recognizes that it would be nearly impossible to achieve a consensus view from our membership, and we also recognize that taking adversarial and polarized positions on issues rarely achieves progress. As such, we will continue along the path we have chosen: to create change where we can, and strive towards a more sustainable economic future that will benefit everyone in our community.

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